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IP Interconnection

  • IP Interconnect

    Connect Trading is very well positioned to deliver the benefits of operational and financial efficiencies enabled by IP connectivity for terminating voice traffic to our worldwide partners.

    Our IP Interconnect offers the following benefits:

    Time to Market
    Our IP interconnect services eliminates the time consuming process of installing and activating circuits. This minimizes the overall time to market when establishing a new interconnect or expanding an existing one.

    Cost Management
    Our interconnects with many service providers of excellent repute enables the possibility to choose multiple qualities of service under one umbrella depending upon the budget. And also as we are working directly with the carriers and there are no more third parties involved, we offer the best services at the best rates.

    Interconnect Flexibility
    Our service enables operators to choose SIP or H.323 as a signaling protocol. In addition, we offer popular voice compression options (G.711,G.729 plus G.723 in limited situations) to optimize bandwidth consumption.

    Feature Transparency
    With full feature transparency, Connect Trading is able to pass vital information such as CLI/ANI data.

    Quality of Service
    Our IP platform delivers reliable, high caliber voice service by employing a host of QoS tools, including:

    Carrier grade connectivity
    Multiple fiber paths
    Network failover
    Facility redundancy
    Call monitoring systems
    Session border controllers

    Carriers can quickly implement direct IP interconnects to the Connect Trading global network for highly efficient, high-quality worldwide call termination. Carriers benefit from the lower capital and operational costs of VoIP and can leverage Connect Trading's operational expertise; proprietary call routing and real-time IP quality management technology; and vendor relationships.



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